Meet the bloggers: Lauren Hodgson

Name: Lauren Hodgson Name of blog: The Life of a Student Blogger  What is your blog about? It’s predominantly a student life blog, as I am a student myself. However, I post about a whole multitude of different topics, from beauty to personal advice, sex and relationships and everything in between! There’s something for everybody.   How… Continue reading Meet the bloggers: Lauren Hodgson

Review: Savages @ Queens Hall,Hexham

When you think of Savages, what comes to your mind?  Well whatever it is I’m sure Anthony Lo-Giudice has portrayed it all in a dance performance.     Choreographed by Lo-Giudice Dance, LGD have brought a new level of  intensity and drama to a dance piece.  Taking stories from Scandinavian Runes and ancient savages, the piece brings… Continue reading Review: Savages @ Queens Hall,Hexham

Culture Trip 2: Tyneside Cinema

I headed back to Newcastle again to see what I could find, interested to know about the film industry I landed at the Tyneside Cinema  and what a beautiful cinema it is. Of course I did not turn up randomly, I had planned and booked ahead to have a FREE guided tour of the Tyneside Cinema.… Continue reading Culture Trip 2: Tyneside Cinema